Our History


The history of the American National Bank of Beaver Dam dates back to May 9, 1891, when there was a meeting of eight local businessmen. These men agreed that Beaver Dam's industrial development and resulting growth in population had created a need for a bank with broader facilities than those of the strictly commercial bank then operating in the town. On that day the German National Bank was organized and opened for business on June 30, 1891, at 115 Front Street. The bank opened its doors with $50,000 in Capital and two employees. Deposits of $24,500 were received in the first day of business.

On November 26, 1912, the name of the bank was changed from the German National Bank to the American National Bank of Beaver Dam.

Due to the growth of the community the Bank prospered, and in 1924 remodeled in order to afford their customers convenient banking service. At this time, a new vault with safe deposit boxes was located in the lower floor of the building in order to expand the counter and teller facilities on the main floor. Four teller windows were added, making a total of seven.

In 1941, during the celebration of Beaver Dam's centennial, the American National Bank began its 50th year of service to the community. At that time, the bank's capital and surplus had grown to $175,000, reflecting the conservative policies of management. Five employees and five officers were required to handle deposits of over $2 million. At that time, the bank ranked as the largest in Dodge County.

In 1957, the Bank a1947 ANBgain found that larger facilities were needed in order to handle the increased business. The customer service area was doubled in size during the renovation. In addition, the exterior of the Bank facing Front Street was renovated with a drive-up and walk-up banking unit added at the rear of the building. 

In 1965, a totally new concept in banking convenience was announced with the installation of TV Auto Banking. This was the first TV drive-in banking unit in the Beaver Dam area and was well received by the banks many customers.

As the community grew, the American National Bank continued to extend convenience and customer service, and it was realized that a major construction and rebuilding must be made. Construction began in February 1967. The bank as you see it today was constructed in two phases so that business could be conducted without interruption. Completion of the construction was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house October 25, 1968.

Beaver Dam continued to grow and so did The American National Bank. On October 1989 the Bank broke ground on a new 2,500 square foot branch on the northside of Beaver Dam. The American National Bank's Northside Branch opened in March of 1990 with the first drive-thru ATM machine in Beaver Dam, along with 3 drive-thru lanes and full service banking inside. 

In 2002, The American National Bank remodeled their Helenville Branch.  Once again with the first drive-thru ATM machine in Helenville, Wisconsin, in conjunction with drive-thru lanes and full service banking inside.

In 2004, the development of our new branch in Wal-mart Supercenter was completed. We welcomed The American National Bank, Wal-mart Supercenter Beaver Dam Branch. We offer full service banking at this location including an ATM machine. 

The American National Bank opened a loan office in Delavan, WI in May of 2005.  This office serves the commercial, mortgage, and consumer lending needs of customers in the Delavan area and is located at 1421 Racine St. Unit 2D.

The American National Bank continues to provide innovative services to their customers with the addition of many new products and services.  Look to The American National Bank to continue providing the quality personal service you enjoy and the use of new technology to make your banking experience with us pleasant and convenient.